Skeans & Associates has developed self storage, office and retail properties as well as the land development of a high-end residential community. Skeans & Associates develops both as owner and as a fee developer. Although, these developments represent different sectors of the real estate industry each requires the same skillful orchestration of several disciplines of the development process such as architecture, engineering, construction and financing – Skeans & Associates currently has a 27-year proven track record of success for its clients.


The professional property management teams skillfully manage each property whether owned or operated for a third party with personal attention and customer service as if each team member is an owner of the property. Preventative maintenance strategies and selections to property issues combined with accounting and reporting are some of the services provided by Skeans & Associates. Our goal is to have satisfied tenants that continue with long-term occupancy with a focus on minimizing expenses and maximizing the revenues which in turn maximizes the overall value of the property for the owner.


We provide Consulting Services to assist with feasibility studies and the decision-making process. Our knowledge of design, construction and costs, materials, structural alternatives, mechanical and electrical systems, and security systems can provide a positive impact on quality, costs and timing of the development.


Another important aspect with any commercial real estate investment is having a good understanding of the complexity of transactions and the market. Skeans & Associates has provided Brokerage Services for its own account and third party clients since its inception. Such services include site selection, agency leasing and sales.